In-Demand Speaker

Fortune 500 companies, associations, franchisors, and digital marketers all turn to Steve when they need a respected, experienced, high-energy speaker.

Whether you need an inspirational keynoter, a dialed-in moderator, a host for your event, or an engaging breakout, you can join these other top organizations by working with Steve.

Steve weaves real life stories, brand strategies, key insights (and only a few bad jokes!) into a package that audiences love.


Audiences love listening to Steve’s cutting-edge strategies for small business success, his marketing tips and tricks, favorite entrepreneurial stories and strategies, and his top tips and trends in business.

Event planners love working with Steve because he aims to please, makes them look great, and makes their job easy.

Steve speaks about a variety of topics, including:

– Small Business Success Strategies: Steve Strauss and small business success go hand in hand. Sharing the best, most cutting-edge strategies that he comes across, Steve’s signature topic is always a hit among small businesses.

– Marketing and Growing Your Business: One of Steve’s most popular topics, this speech and webinar is a look at a dozen ways business owners can grow their businesses – without breaking the bank!

– Emerging Trends in Business: His yearly look at USA TODAY at the top trends is small business is always a great read and a highly anticipated column. As a result, businesses and government entities regularly share their cutting-edge ideas and insights with him. And this in turn means that Steve has the pulse of business market. In this speech, Steve shares his insights in an engaging look at the future of business.

– Small Business Innovation: Steve’s book The Big Idea – How Business Innovators Get Great Ideas to Market makes the business of innovation interesting, tangible, relatable, and doable. It is also an entertaining read and a great speech!

– The Trimtab Effect: How little changes create big results. Based on the work of the great futurist Buckminster Fuller, this speech shows how anyone can make big things happen!


International Speaker


When new entrepreneurs in Mongolia asked the U.S. Embassy for assistance with their businesses, the embassy contacted the State Department and the State Department contacted Steve.

The result was a two-week speaking tour where Steve spoke in Seoul at the South Korean Stock Exchange and in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar.

The State Department was so happy with Steve’s work that it subsequently sent him on speaking tours to India, Japan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank.

Steve at the World Entrepreneurship Forum